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Flecto is the platform that helps businesses thrive in the circular economy.

At Flecto, we help companies do good business better through sustainable access models.

The new generation of consumers is more demanding than ever before as well as more attentive to how companies can practice social and environmental responsibility. Managing sustainable businesses is no longer an idea on the horizon: it is the factor that can determine the success of an organization. Flecto is the platform that unlocks rental operations and optimizes the experience for both people and businesses. A rental model enables a higher turnover of products, extending their life cycle and thus reducing the need for non-renewable resources as well as unnecessary CO2 emissions.

We stand for

  • Teamwork

    We value people that empower team-members to grow.

  • Innovation

    We trust everyone to be able to identify major improvement opportunities.

  • Impact

    We promote a sustainable and healthy mentality with positive team spirit and constant communication.

  • Freedom

    As a team, we manage all responsibilities with total independence & maximum accountability. In exchange we promote freedom to decide how, when, why.

  • Resilience

    Make no mistake, we have a bumpy road ahead of us: ability to be persistent, along with constant improvement and growth mentality is highly promote.

Our Journey


We started off back in 2016, by the name of Rnters, as a peer-to-peer rental marketplace for all kinds of items. Our intention was to be driven by data that would lead us to create personalized experiences based on the most sought-after market categories.
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Fast forward to 2020, and after two accelerator programs (Maze-X and Techstars), we realized that rental companies were already using our platform to build online sales channels and manage their own inventory.

This is how the opportunity arose for us to tackle the rental industry's main issues: security, digital footprint and tool integration. Along with the first set of professional customers, we underwent a transformation into a SaaS (Software as a Service) where companies can manage rental operations in an integrated manner and consecutively increase revenue.

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Meet us in pixel perfect

Francisco Bento
Francisco Bento Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Guilherme Guerra
Guilherme Guerra Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
João Loff
João Loff Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Alexandro Oliveira
Alexandro Oliveira Tech Lead Frontend
André Santos
André Santos Product Manager
Matilde Rasgado
Matilde Rasgado Customer Success Manager
João Safara
João Safara Content Marketing Specialist
Joana Natálio
Joana Natálio Lead Product Designer
André Luiz
André Luiz Frontend Developer
Leandro Antunes
Leandro Antunes Senior Frontend Developer
Eunice Costa
Eunice Costa Senior Product Designer
Bárbara Marto
Bárbara Marto Digital Marketing Specialist
André Reis
André Reis Head of Sales